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Selling Your Diamond

Do you have a diamond to sell?

Want to sell your diamond? If you're in San Luis Obispo county and want to sell your diamond, you've found the perfect place! Our expert gemologists will quickly and confidentially evaluate your diamond and make an offer.  

It's as easy as...

1. Bring in your diamond

We have been in the business of buying and selling diamonds for over 34 years.  Our expert Certified Gemologist Appraisers will look at and evaluate your diamond in your presence.  We will show you your diamond under the microscope to record identifying features of your diamond--keeping you and your diamond safe.

2. Evaluation and Offer to Purchase

Next, our Gemologists will grade your diamond.  They will assign it a clarity grade and color grade, evaluate the cut and light performance of the diamond, and check for fluorescence.  If your diamond is set in a piece of jewelry, they will measure it with a high-precision measuring tool to estimate its weight.  You will be informed as to its quality, and we will make you a competitive offer to purchase.  We never pressure our customers, and should you refuse the offer, we will gladly return your diamond to you without question.

3. Immediate Payment

If you accept the offer, we will provide you with immediate payment by check.

Your diamond will be put in our cases, surrounded by beautiful wedding sets and engagement rings, and you can change the price any time you want to.  Ready to get started?  Email us or call 805-466-7248.

Are you looking for a great deal?

We also sell Consignment Diamonds. Come in and take a look at what we have to offer!

Email Us or call 805-466-7248