Reparaciones de Joyas


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A jeweler makes jewelery microscope.

K.Jons Diamonds & Gems has made repairs in Atascadero desdel 1980. We have four jewelers with 75 years experience. Two of these four has been with us for almost 15 years! We have many tools available to repair jewelry. Our jewelers have learned many courses, including courses stones set in rings.


- Polishing and cleaning

- Inspection and estimation

We recommend returning to us every 6 months to clean and inspect the jewels.


- Zoom in / out rings

Adjust rings! We can enlarge or shrink. We can do it the next day if needed. It includes welding and polishing / cleaning. Also, we adjust the bracelets.

Our jewelers have experience and are skilled in many types of repairs.

- Piedras Crimping preciosasNuestros jewelers have experience with everything. They can crimp a stone in a ring, whether small or large. We do not send our repairs outside the workshop, and jewelers take good care of the jewels of our customers.

- Repair breaks

Does your ring a small break, causing small tears in the fabric? Perhaps you can feel something hurtful finger - something is not right. Jewelry utmost care to weld and restore your ring will be, strengthening it to ensure that no loose stones or create more damage. Enter the workshop and we can give you a free estimate today!

- Restoration of rings

Do you have a ring or pendant old who is afraid to use because esgastada and broken? We can weld breaks, the restore of your ring and make it stronger. We will put new stones if desired, and of course, polishing and cleaning professional cleaning and polishing systems.

record messages

- Record a special message inside your ring.

- About a necklace or gift.

Creation and custom design

We will help you realize your ideas and dreams!

Repairs / welding chains

- Weld breaks

- Placement and welding charms


We spin pearl necklaces or accounts. Our jewelers use the highest quality silk cord. K.Jons, you can be sure that your memories are safe in the hands of skilled and experienced jewelers.