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Our Story

The roots of K.Jons Diamonds & Gems stretches back more than 50 years. The business literally started from the ground up. Kay and John, Stan’s parents and the namesakes of K.Jons, were avid rockhounds and gem and mineral enthusiasts. Stan grew up learning to appreciate nature’s wonders on family camping trips looking for geodes, agate, fire agate, and petrified wood, as well as other stones.

Stan and his wife Mary opened K.Jons Diamonds & Gems in Atascadero in 1980; and after outgrowing their original store, they were excited to move into their new showroom at the same location in 2004. They and their crew are passionate about quality gemstone and diamond jewelry and providing excellent service for their customers.

In keeping with our strong beliefs in ethics, value, and continuing education, K.Jons Diamonds & Gems is honored to be a member of the American Gem Society (AGS). AGS has strict ethical and professional requirements and less than 5% of jewelers nationwide are able to qualify for membership. We are proud of the honor and responsibility that AGS membership brings with it.

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With our focus on customer service, K.Jons Diamonds & Gems has one of the most professional sales staff of any store on the Central Coast. We currently have two fully qualified bench jewelers with over 50 years of combined experience. All members of our staff are encouraged to take courses and attend conferences from a variety of industry leaders. In addition to courses taken through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS), our staff frequently attends conferences and seminars, and stays current with industry publications. Titles held by our staff include Certified Gemologist Appraiser (AGS), Certified Gemologist (AGS), Graduate Gemologist (GIA), Graduate Jeweler Gemologist (GIA), Registered Jeweler (AGS), Certified Sales Associate (AGS), Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA), and Diamond Grading (GIA). All AGS titleholders are tested annually to ensure up to date industry knowledge.


Our Team

Angela • Manager

Certified Gemologist, AGS

Angela has been at K.Jons since 1997. Angela is responsible for making sure every single customer has a spectacular experience in our store--every single time. She has done everything from identifying gemstones, to engraving, to helping people in love find the perfect piece of jewelry. Currently she runs the entire store! When Angela isn't busy working, she enjoys reading a good book (or two or three), dancing the night away, and spending time with the newest member of her family: Clover, her Catahoula!

Preston • Assistant Manager

Certified Gemologist Appraiser, AGS

Preston has been at K.Jons since 2002. Among other duties, his tasks include marketing, website management and jewelry appraisals for insurance. He is also often found educating customers and showing them the fascinating qualities of diamonds and gemstones. One of his favorite parts of working at K.Jons is learning about vintage jewelry and helping people in San Luis Obispo county sell diamonds and jewelry. When he's not studying gemstones, he enjoys day trips in California, traveling throughout the world, and spending a sunny Central Coast day with his wife and sons.

Stan • Owner

Certified Gemologist Appraiser, AGS

Stan and Mary started K.Jons in the 1970s, opening the Atascadero jewelry store in 1980. Quite literally, Stan has done every task imaginable in the store. His passion for gemstones spills over into his passion for design and quality. Even still, his first love is the opal. The fine opal collection he has procured over the years is a cut above those in stores around him. He now enjoys creating unique, hand-made custom jewelry in the store. When he gets time away, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and working in his vineyard, which produces a fabulous estate wine each year!

Mary • Owner

Graduate Diamonds, GIA

Mary opened the store with Stan in 1980. Stan and Mary's story is one of love, and the story of their business is one of passion. In the past, Mary's time was tied up doing the books, but recently, she has been able to enjoy showing more breathtaking jewelry to customers! Mary's adventurous spirit met her passion for gemstones when she traveled to Africa in 2013, where she visited mines and purchased rough gemstones to be faceted for the store. When she isn't in the store, she enjoys playing tennis, spending time with family, and traveling to distant lands with Stan.