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Can Tungsten Break?

Can Tungsten Break?

Posted on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 at 2:34 pm by Preston

Many people wonder whether tungsten carbide can scratch, and many people think it's unbreakable.  Though it is resistant to scratching, tungsten carbide does scratch, and it can break.  It won't bend, because it is such a hard metal, but it can crack or break.

I just spoke with a customer who works with his hands all day, and the tungsten carbide in his ring cracked, and a piece broke out!  I think of stories like this when I tell people that it isn't unbreakable.  I even found this story online.  Check out the crazy picture of a tungsten ring broken in HALF just from falling on it.

Bottom line: Tungsten Carbide rings are brittle, and they can break.  Go with a *plain* 14kt gold band, and at least it's bendable, so if it gets hit, it'll just bend a little instead of breaking.

Check out this video of us dropping a tungsten ring on concrete!