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First Friday Fashion - It's a Guy Thing

First Friday Fashion - It's a Guy Thing

Posted on Friday, June 3rd, 2016 at 4:17 pm by Preston

Jewelry and accessories aren't just for women. Guys like to accessorize too! Whether he's heading off to a day at the office in a suit and tie, relaxing with the guys in jeans and sneakers, or spending special time with someone special in his favorite jeans and blazer, men like have a bit of "bling" too. For most men, however, their bling is a bit toned down as compared to their female counterparts. Piles of gold chain are so 70's! For most men simplicity is their jewelry and accessory comfort zone. This Seiko watch in stainless steel is an automatic watch and that means no battery replacements needed. The simple act of wearing the watch keeps it going! One less thing to do for the guy with lots to on his to do list. And what guy doesn't like knives? William Henry creates functional art when making their knives. The knife pictured has a blackened Damascus Steel blade, a hand carved sterling silver frame, an inlay of fossilized coral, and is set with precious gems. A knife meant to be used and admired! William Henry Knives and Seiko Watches, the perfect accessories for every guy....every day