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First Friday Fashion - Mixing metals

First Friday Fashion - Mixing metals

Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 2:19 pm by Preston

BeFunky Collage

Most recently white has been the metal color of choice for most people. It may be white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. Which ever metal, as long as it's white, has been extremely popular. Change, however, is in the air. Historically depending on trends, economy and availability, metal color popularity fluctuates. As has been with the rest of the world, we here at K-Jon's have had a majority of our jewelry in white gold and platinum. That's been the trend. Recently though we have had more and more requests for yellow gold and, the newest metal color trend, rose gold. As many of us have, you may have a combination of metal colors in your jewelry collection. The big question is....Can you mix metal colors? The answer is a resounding YES! There is absolutely no reason that you should not mix your white gold pieces with your yellow and/or rose gold. Layering necklaces and chains is very on trend right now and is a wonderfully eclectic look, as is layering bracelets! Lots and lots of bracelets! And your rings? Mix them up! Stack them up and have fun! No need to make sure they are all in the same style either. Go ahead and try vintage styles mixed with more contemporary looks mixed with geometric styles. Love your jewelry, wear your jewelry, enjoy your jewelry, and have fun with your jewelry!