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First Friday Fashion - So Blue for You

First Friday Fashion - So Blue for You

Posted on Friday, July 1st, 2016 at 4:14 pm by Preston

BeFunky Collage

Blue, a hue with so many possibilities. There's light blue, the color of the sky on a clear spring day. Deep blue, the color of your favorite jeans or the color of the cool clear pacific ocean. Purplish blue (like this gorgeous tanzanite pendant or tanzanite ring), the evening sky at sunset. Greenish blue, ahhhh, the relaxing waters of the tropics (like this Aquamarine Ring and Aquamarine Pendant. Blue gemstones, when worn or viewed, bring to mind so many calming, comforting, and serene images. Blue is also the perfect neutral color. There aren't many colors that don't go great with blue! Whether in our homes or our fashion choices, blue looks great with everything from black, grays and browns to reds, yellows, and....other blues. Is it any wonder that blue is the top selling color in gemstones? And that's also why, here at K-Jon's Fine Jewelers, we are so blue for you. Above featured Sapphire Items: 230-01944 (Sapphire Pendant) 210-01787 (Sapphire Earrings) 200-01317 (Sapphire Ring)