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First Friday Fashion - What necklace to wear with what neckline?

First Friday Fashion - What necklace to wear with what neckline?

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2016 at 2:13 pm by Preston

Sometimes trying to decide what necklace is the right one to wear with your ensemble is a difficult and frustrating one. We've assembled a guide to help with that dilemma. It's all about neckline and proportions.

Boat neck or Off the shoulder- to contrast the horizontal neckline of a boat neck or off the shoulder neckline, choose a long chain or necklace, heck choose two or three, of slightly different lengths, different textures, and different weights. This will soften the bold horizontal line of your boat neck or off the shoulder top.

Button down- whether it be a button down dress or a button down top stick with an understated necklace or pendant. You want it to be long enough to drop below the clavicle, but short enough to be seen above the top buttoned button. There is already a lot going on with the buttons, there is no need to add distraction with something hanging alongside the buttons. And please, nothing worn under the collar unless you are sporting a tie. This top style calls for simplicity in accessories.

Halter- when wearing a halter neckline it's all about keeping the focus where you want it. Obviously if you are wearing a halter, you are not ashamed or embarrassed about your cleavage, so wear a delicate sparkling drop, that hits about the mid point to the "V" of the halter, and  draws the eye to your cleavage.

Jewel- this neckline will mirror the graceful curve of most chains. No pendant needed here. Drape a beautiful link chain or diamonds by the yard, or a combination of layers of chain. This neckline is begging for you to be bold and have fun!

Strapless- this silhouette dares you to be bold. A strand of pearls, or a chunky chain, even a choker. Be bold with your necklace choice. Just be sure to keep the length on the shorter side.

Turtleneck- This is the ideal look for those long chains and pendants. This neckline needs drama and movement. Wear multiple chains in different lengths. This will elongate the torso and neck. A word of caution though....don't forget to remove your neckwear before removing the turtleneck.   Items included in this post: Diamond Tear Drop Pendant - 160-01268, Diamond Pendant - 160-00031, Diamond by the Yard Necklace - 160-01235, Sterling Silver Hand Carved Charm - 640-02678