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Gemstone Tasting

Gemstone Tasting

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 11:09 am by Preston

An Exclusive Showing with Special Guest Roger Dery

Gemstone TastingGemstone lovers are invited to K.Jons for a ‘tasting’ of exquisite gems to delight the senses! Internationally acclaimed faceter Roger Dery is not only showcasing his gasp-worthy gemstones from around the globe—he’ll share tales of traveling in search of them! We hope you’ll join us for a once in a lifetime evening of award-winning treasures to please every palate. Space is limited—call to reserve your night by September 15th

RSVP  pam@kjons.com  or call 805-466-7248

Roger Dery, world-traveler, gemstone cutter, and movie star, travels multiple times a year to Africa to procure the gemstones.  He does all necessary paperwork and adheres to local proceedings to export them from the country of origin and import them into the United States.  He then facets the gemstones himself and brings them to the Gemstone Tasting for the attendees to view!

Roger also supports a school for children in the local area in Africa.  The school is located in Kitarini, Tanzania, which is in the Longido region.  Pia and Sune, the missionaries who are dedicated to the Gospel in Tanzania and began the school with their own efforts, are very excited and thankful for the continued support of Roger.

Angela Cisneros, Manager of K-Jon's Fine Jewelers, said "We want to say ‘thank you’ to the community for helping Roger continue to support this school. Without the generosity of our community, we would not have been able to provide this support and encourage education in such a worthwhile manner.”  

Roger's years of experience gives him a unique perspective on the industry and an event such as this.  He is able to meet the miners, develop relationships with the mine owners, and even befriend the country's influential leaders.  He has also produced a film, Sharing the Rough, to document the journey of a gemstone from mine to market as well as training the local people in gemstone faceting.