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How often should I get my ring cleaned?

How often should I get my ring cleaned?

Posted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 10:36 am by Preston

Many people ask us the question: "How often should I get my ring cleaned?" When it all comes down to it, mostly it depends on how beautiful you want your jewelry to be on a regular basis, but we recommend you come into our store every 6 months. Here's a couple reasons why:

Our high-pressure steamer cleans jewelry like nothing else can.

Clean your jewelry

First, you want your jewelry to be sparkling and clean!  More importantly, though, you want to make sure your jewelry is in good working condition.  When you come in to get your jewelry cleaned, we check over the entire piece, so you know any issues your ring has.  Stones get loose over time, prongs become thin, and chains wear out, and we want to make sure nothing is in danger of falling apart!

Check your jewelry

Second, your jewelry gets a bath!  We have professional buffing machines to polish scratches off your gold and platinum jewelry.  Additionally, our ultrasonic cleaner and high-pressure steamer can get just about anything off your jewelry.  It was probably only after baking that cake that you realized you had your ring on, and we're good at getting dried batter out from behind diamonds!

In conclusion, a few reasons to have your jewelry checked every 6 months:

  • Keep your jewelry shiny and sparkling.
  • Alert you to any problems your ring might have
    • Loose diamonds or gemstones
    • Thin prongs
    • Worn out chains
    • Shank about to break
    • Chipped stones

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