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Melting Point of a Diamond

Melting Point of a Diamond

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010 at 10:43 am by Preston

What's the melting point of a Diamond?  That's a tricky question, because diamonds do different things at different temperatures.  The first thing diamonds do in reaction to high heat is burn.  In order to melt, diamond would have to have incredible amounts of pressure applied to it at the same time it is being heated.

As stated by Lazare Kaplan International, "technically speaking the melting point would also involve great pressure but it is 4892 degrees Fahrenheit. Diamonds burn at 1472 degree Fahrenheit."

However, if you're worried about your diamond melting, you don't have to--it would never melt under normal day-to-day circumstances.  It wouldn't even burn under normal circumstances. 

The only way a diamond would burn is if it is exposed to extreme heat.  Our jewelers here at K-Jon's in Atascadero have years of experience repairing and modifying jewelery, and you can be sure your jewelry is safe with us.

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