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Never Put Gold in Chlorine! Gold's Reaction to Chlorine.

Never Put Gold in Chlorine! Gold's Reaction to Chlorine.

Posted on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 at 10:44 am by Preston

In one of the jewelry classes I took, I heard a story about a lady who tried a new method of cleaning her jewelry: Bleach. With confidence and anticipation, she soaked her ring overnight in a small dish with bleach dissolved into water. When she woke up the next morning, to her horror, the ring had partially dissolved in the solution!

The Reason

"Wait a minute! I thought gold was strong!" you may say. Yes, gold is a precious metal, meaning it can withstand a lot of bad chemicals--different acids and other nasty things. However, bleach is not one of them.

The alloys in gold--specifically, copper, silver, and nickel--corrode in liquids with both chloride ions and oxidizing agents. I'm not a scientist, but basically, because bleach meets both these requirements, you should take your rings off before cleaning anything with bleach.

Watch out for Pools!

Also, remember that pools contain chlorine, which is related to bleach. That means your ring is definitely not safe in the pool! It won't dissolve the minute you jump in, but over multiple swims in the pool, the gold will begin to get small pits in it. This can cause your jewelry to become weak and even break.

So what CAN I clean my jewelry with?

There are a few cleaning solutions you can use, including our own K-Jon's Jewelry Cleaner, but you can just use a little mild dishwashing liquid in water, and soak it for a few hours, then brush it with a toothbrush. You can find out more information on cleaning your jewelry by clicking here.

In conclusion:

  • Rings were never taught to swim.
  • Jewelry doesn't mix with household cleaners.
  • When in doubt, call K-Jon's!

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