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Pamela Maxvill Receives Registered Jeweler

Pamela Maxvill Receives Registered Jeweler

Posted on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 8:28 am by Preston

(LAS VEGAS) Pamela Maxvill has recently received the title of Registered Jeweler of the American Gem Society.  By earning this prestigious title, Pamela has demonstrated extraordinary knowledge and experience in the jewelry industry.

Louis Smith, AGS president, said, "I want to congratulate Pamela for achieving a level of skill reached by only some 1,400 jewelers throughout the United States and Canada.  They have qualified as a Registered Jeweler by having a personal desire to increase their knowledge of gemology and through their AGS member store subscribing to ethical business principles set down by the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, and the Society's own code of standards."

This title is not an easy one to achieve.  To earn this title, Pamela has completed required coursework, including the Diamond Grading course from GIA as well as completing laboratory study at the Gemological Institute of America. She had to complete numerous written and pracical exams along the way, and of course, the entire course was followed up by a final written and practical exam in diamond grading.  This title also shows that Pamela fully understands the ethics behind the American Gem Society, and she agrees with and adheres to them.  This is the main reason why American Gem Society membership is so important: The jewelers that are members do business in a fair, honest, and ethical manner.  

The American Gem Society is an association of professional jewleers dedicated to proven ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection.  Members are held to high ethical standards in the industry and are recertified annually to maintain their AGS titles.

As part of membership in the American Gem Society, K-Jon's offers professional jewelry appraisals for insurance replacement and other functions.