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Preston Wallace Receives Graduate Gemologist

Preston Wallace Receives Graduate Gemologist

Posted on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 10:32 am by Preston

Preston poses for the camera, after receiving the title of Graduate Gemologist from GIA

Preston Wallace of Atascadero, CA, has just received his Graduate Gemologist degree after years of studying and training in the field of gemology.

The Graduate Gemologist program from GIA is a program that teaches the field of gemology, diamond and gemstone grading through both theory and practice.  Not only does it train students in the expert ability to grade diamonds according to the 4 Cs, but it also gives one the ability to "identify hundreds of common and unusual gemstones and detect the latest treatments and synthetics" (GIA).

To become a Graduate Gemologist, one must complete the following eight courses:

Some classes are completed via correspondence, and others are hands-on classes completed on campus in a high-tech laboratory environment, using instruments such as a spectrometer, refractive index machine, and a high-powered gemological microscope.  Among other tasks, the Graduate Gemologist must study at least 500 gemstones, studying their properties and identifying them.  The course culminates in an exam where the student must 100% correctly identify twenty gemstones, including synthetic or natural origin.

Preston has been at K-Jon's for over 8 years, where he is currently Assistant Manager.  Among other duties, his tasks include marketing, website management and jewelry appraisals.  You can contact him at preston@kjons.com.