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Stack it up!

Stack it up!

Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 12:26 pm by Preston

BeFunky Collage

Who says less is more? So often we hear "I have so much jewelry that I love! But I don't know how to wear it, or where...." So...rule #1; If you are lucky enough to have beautiful jewelry that you love...WEAR IT! And if you have several pieces that you love and that you are wondering if you can wear together, the answer is...YES! Mix and match. Stack away! Here are a few ideas followed by a few helpful hints.

  1. Mix metal colors. In the top left corner we are showing 3 stackable diamond bands. One each in White, Rose, and Yellow gold. Another great look is to pair 2 bands of the same color sandwiching a different color, such as two diamond bands in yellow gold with a floral diamond band in white gold between, as in the bottom right picture. The center image we show six bands all stacked together! A yellow and a rose gold diamond band, each flanked by a hammered thin band of the same color and all gloriously stacked to perfection!
  2. The same fun can be had with necklaces! Put on a long diamond pendant like this 18kt gold and diamond "sunburst", add a slightly shorter diamonds by the yard, and top with a chunky gold chain. For a lighter look, go with this diamonds by the yard (it goes with "EVERYTHING!) and the chunky gold chain for a toned down stack.
  3. Bracelets! Oh boy! You can have so much fun with bracelets! I myself wear a stack of 11 sterling bangles bracelets of different widths, thicknesses, and textures... everyday! Some days I keep it at the 11, some day I add in other colors and textures and widths. Do you love pearls? Stack up a few pearl bracelets like the Tahitian and South Sea shown above! Put a wide gold cuff with a couple of thinner textured diamond accent bracelets for a real WOW look! Flank a stack of yellow, white, and rose gold bangles with fun diamond cuffs....
  4. Do you have some costume pieces that you absolutely love? Add them in! Your jewelry and how you wear it is an expression of you in all of your fabulousness!
  5. A few helpful hints.....when stacking rings, have fun, go big! But be careful that you are still able to bend your finger(s) When stacking chains, try different weights of chain, they'll have less tendency to tangle. I'm a bracelet girl. Did I mention that I love bracelets?! So I guess the only helpful hint here is.....yeah...I got nothin......stack away!
  6. When it comes to stacking jewelry, there really are no rules.  Express yourself! Wear what you love! Have fun!!!

    Items included in this post: White Gold Diamond Band - 110-01494, Rose Gold Diamond Band - 110-01495, Gold Diamond Band - 110-01496, White Gold Floral Diamond Band - 110-01498, Thin Hammered Band - 410-00249, Diamond Sunburst Necklace - 160-01259, Diamonds by the Yard Necklace - 160-01235, Tahitian Pearl Bracelet - 330-00005, South Sea Pearl Bracelet - 300-00008, Gold Cuff Bracelet - 440-00315, Gold Diamond Bracelet - 170-00204, Gold Slip On Bracelet - 440-00306, White Gold Slip On Bracelet - 440-00305, Rose Gold Slip On Bracelet - 440-00307, White Gold Diamond Bracelet - 170-00205