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Tungsten, Titanium, Chrome, Etc.

Tungsten, Titanium, Chrome, Etc.

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 11:40 am by Preston

What is the difference between Titanium and Tungsten Carbide?  What is a Ceramic Ring?  How is Mokume Gane made?  These are all questions asked by those looking for a wedding ring made in steel, titanium, tungsten, or another contemporary metal.


Our bands from Lashbrook are Aerospace Grade Ti6A1-4V titanium.  It is more than twice as strong and hard as typical commercial titanium rings.  We take pride in the ability to get a customized ring that lives up to your dreams.  If you see a style that you like, but would like to change it, it can be done.   We offer a wide range of millimeter widths and ring sizes, including half and quarter sizes.  We are able to order in titanium with any precious metal inlay.  Stones can be flush mount and channel set, all done by experienced jewelers.  With over 10,000 standard designs, you're sure to find what you are looking for with our Lashbrook titanium line.


Cobalt Chrome is perfect for the customer who loves the look of a platinum band, but with a more affordable alternative. Cobalt chrome is hypoallergenic, has a white lustrous color, and will stand up to wear and tear. Not only is the color of cobalt chrome similar to platinum, it has the heft of gold. Many rave about how much more durable cobalt chrome is than their previous gold or platinum bands.  They are not afraid to wear it on an everyday basis.  Our Cobalt Chrome is composed of 50% Cobalt, 20% Chromium, 15% Tungsten and 10% Nickel.  The grade of material that we use is L605. Cobalt Chrome hardness: Mohs-5, Vickers-1043 MPa, Brinell-700 MPa


Damascus Steel is a unique blend of up to 120 layers of two different types of steel, forged together to make a beautiful, durable band.  These bands are available in most Titanium styles and we are able to customize these bands.  There are two finishing options available, polish and acid.  No two rings will ever be identical.


Tungsten is the most scratch resistant performance metal on the market today.  Tungsten is available in three different finishes: polish, satin, and sandblast.  With a Lashbrook tungsten ring, you are able to customize your band with the inlay of your choice or by mounting stones of up to 0.15ct.  In the event that one of our tungsten bands breaks, Lashbrook will replace the band free of charge.


Ceramic bands come in white, pink and black, the most popular.  The bands are lightweight, and very scratch resistant.  There are three finishes available for these styles: Polish, satin, and sandblast.  Our ceramic bands are not made with a coating, therefore the color is throughout the entire ring, an will not wear over time.


Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique developed by master swordsmiths in the 17th century.  Lashbrook uses this same technique now to create unique, swirled metal designs.  These are used to make exceptional rings and inlays.  Each portyrays a different pattern of metals, fused together to produce a gorgeous Lashbrook band.


Zirconium is typically used in dental implants and nuclear reactors.  Zirconium makes for great black and two-toned rings.  A black ozidized coating is created when zirconium is heated.  This coating makes the ring scratch-resistant and allows us to create amazing two-toned styles


Carbon Fiber is well known for its strength to weight ratio, and it is often used in bicycles, motorcycles, and sailboats.  Lashbrook "sandwiches" carbon fiber into our performance metal bands, producing a stunning, innovative look.

Source: Lashbrook Designs