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What is a diamond and why do we plot?

What is a diamond and why do we plot?

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 10:35 am by Preston

When leaving a ring or piece of jewelry for repair, an appraisal, or even a deep cleaning, a lot of our customers ask what we are doing when we examine the piece under the microscope prior to take-in.

When you leave a piece of jewelry, along with the measurements and a detailed description, we create a plot of your center or any prominent diamond or diamonds.  A plot is simply a diagram drawing.  We use a high powered 10x & 40x microscope, allowing us to see every detail of the stone.  Features we look for include any of the stones unique characteristics, such as the inclusions inside the diamond, a thin or thick girdle, a faceted or frosted girdle, any naturals or extra facets, etc.  Sometimes the diamond will even have a microscopic laser inscription with an ID number.  We note any legible features, along with a map or drawing of the unique inclusions onto the plot.  No two diamonds are the same.  We view the inclusions as a finger print for your diamond.  After we study the stone and draw out your plot, we then show it to you under the microscope.

This is recommended, as it is important for you to know what your diamond looks like so you are able to identify it.