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What is a Re-Prong?

What is a Re-Prong?

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 at 11:41 am by Preston

What is the difference between a retip and reprong?

Steve answers the question:

Retipping is where there is still enough prong from the bottom of the head up to the stone to add a matching piece of metal on the top part of the prong to cover and hold the stone in place.  It is welded on and refinished to match the other prongs.

Reprong is where the existing prong is so worn that an entirely new piece of metal, such as round gold stock must be welded in place and refinished to match the existing prongs.

When prongs are worn down, there is a higher chance of breakage ie: a higher possibility of losing your stone.

These prongs are very worn and flat against the stone.
This a brand new head with nice heavy rounded prongs holding the stone.

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