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What is Cobalt Chrome?

What is Cobalt Chrome?

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 11:39 am by Preston

Cobalt Chrome wedding band from Lashbrook

Cobalt Chrome is perfect for the customer who loves the look of a platinum band, but with a more affordable alternative. Cobalt chrome is hypoallergenic, has a white lustrous color, and will stand up to wear and tear. Not only is the color of cobalt chrome similar to platinum, it has the heft of gold. Many rave about how much more durable cobalt chrome is than their previous gold or platinum bands.  They are not afraid to wear it on an everyday basis.  

Our Cobalt Chrome is composed of 50% Cobalt, 20% Chromium, 15% Tungsten and 10% Nickel.  The grade of material that we use is L605. Cobalt Chrome hardness: Mohs-5, Vickers-1043 MPa, Brinell-700 MPa

Source: Lashbrook Designs