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Where Should I Sell My Jewelry?

Where Should I Sell My Jewelry?

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 4:20 pm by Preston

(Above: Vintage Art Deco Platinum Ring with Old Mine Cut center diamond)

Deciding to let go of your family heirlooms can be a tough thing to do, especially when you don't know who to trust. Should you sell online? On Craigslist? Or should you even deal with it yourself, rather than bringing it to a professional? What should you look for in someone to buy your jewelry?


Online is definitely an option, where you will open up your target market to many more people than you would if just talking to your friends and acquaintances. However, you may not sell it as quickly as you originally thought. It may take a long time to sell one item, and the hassle may not be worth the potential payoff. You will need to inquire into the qualities of the components of the jewelry in order to accurately describe the piece, and that may not be worth the work.


Craigslist may seem like a good place to go to sell something at a good price, but there are other concerns here, as well.  There have been many disconcerting cases on Craigslist where safety has been a concern, as well as jewelry stolen.  If you're able to follow some safety precautions (most importantly, meeting somewhere public, preferably with surveillance), it may be feasible to sell something on Craigslist.  However, why risk it? Simply bring it to a professional.

Hire a Professional

The safest, simplest, most straightforward, and many times the most pleasant experience will be to hire a professional to sell your jewelry.  But to go this route, you'll need to find someone worth your while to bring your jewelry to.  In our area, we buy diamonds, gold, and fine estate jewelry in Paso Robles and Atascadero, San Luis Obispo county.  To find the right person, look for someone understanding, someone reputable, and someone who will give you a fair price.  Here's a quick list of qualities to look for in a professional to buy your jewelry:

  • Reputation

A jeweler that has had years of experience is one thing, but a jeweler that is recommended by friends and family (and online) is even more important.  Part of this reputation comes from their education, so look for a well-educated gemologist, such as a Certified Gemologist Appraiser.  Look for a jeweler who has a track record of making good on promises, coming through for their customers, and dealing with customers in honesty.

  • Competitive

Is your jeweler offering you a good price for your piece?  One way to find out is in the negotiation phase.  If they move on the amount they offer and come back with a counter-offer, you have entered the age-old barter, bargaining process.  Certainly, you may be able to negotiate your way "to the top," but most of the time, this means the jeweler is trying to give you the bare minimum of what is necessary for him/her to obtain it.  Think about it: If you hadn't made a counter-offer, would they be giving you their "best price" the first time?  And if you don't push hard enough, are you still getting the right price?  If you want an honest offer, look for a jeweler who will offer you one price and  not budge.  Their offer is most likely fair.

  • Kind

Finally, is the jeweler being kind?  Is he/she giving you the time to tell your side of the story?  Is he listening and responding to your concerns?  If not, this may not be the place to sell your jewelry.  You need a jeweler who is understanding enough to walk you through the process in a kind, respectful way.  When you leave, you shouldn't feel "taken" or like you need to "brush off" anything, but rather feel more energized than you did when you walked in. All in all, you must ask yourself the question: "What am I looking for, and is this really worth it to sell my jewelry?" If not, look elsewhere.  You should feel comfortable with the final decision you make.  We buy jewelry in San Luis Obispo county, and the customers that sell here leave the store feeling good about the sale they just made.  Come in and talk to one of our Certified Gemologist Appraisers, trained in gemology and appraising, with years of experience in Estate Jewelry.