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Why you should have a wish list

Why you should have a wish list

Posted on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at 12:24 pm by Preston

Last year just before the holidays my husband casually mentioned that he "sure would like a new drill!" Bingo! I thought...now I know exactly what to get him for Christmas. (the happy dance began!) In my usual mode of procrastination, I waited until the week or so before Christmas to even begin to look for his drill. Where do I shop for a drill I wondered? Hah! Home depot! I've accompanied him there for any number of diy projects and tools, they'll have exactly what he wants. So one evening after work I go strolling into Home Depot, walk over to the tool section, and BAM! I am slammed with an entire wall of drills! I'm talking floor to ceiling drills. Big drills, small drills, medium drills, impact drills (huh?). Needless to say I was overwhelmed. So the next evening, back I went with my sons. Surely they'll know what kind of drill their dad wants, right? wrong..... After much bickering between the two of them, me standing there listening to them debate the virtues of this drill versus that, my head swinging back and forth like I was watching a tennis game, I thought to myself... "GAH!!! is this what men go through when they are shopping for us!? Those poor confused souls! Imagine them walking into, say, a jewelry store (wink wink) and being confronted with all of these magnificent jewels and having to try to decide exactly which piece(s) we would want " After another half an hour of debate on the drill, one was decided on...whew! But ever since that fateful night I have tried to make it my mission to spread the word to ladies everywhere... Spare your man the anguish and agony of trying to find you the perfect gift...give him a hand...create a wish list. He's happy, he has successfully gone out and acquired the perfect gift for you! You're happy, it's exactly what you want! It's a Win/Win for everyone! Pictured here is my personal wish list. Obviously I love diamonds! Diamond rings! Diamond earrings! Diamond bracelets! Diamond pendants! Diamond chain! Throw in some pearl earrings and beautiful pink sapphire (with diamonds) or custom turquoise in yellow gold (with diamonds) and I'm a happy girl! Now you may be looking at this list and thinking... WOW...do you seriously think you'll get all that for your birthday (which by the way is later this month) and or Christmas? NOOooo..I am under no such delusional thoughts. However, should my husband decide that this year he wants to shower me with jewels, I sure wouldn't want him to not know what it is I want or love. He cannot come back and say I didn't know what to get you so....Bruce...here it is. xobefunky-collage-wish-list     Items included in this post: Platinum Diamond Ring - 130-00583, White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings - 150-00850, Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet - 170-00204, Rose Gold Diamond Pendant - 160-01280, Rose Gold Diamond Chain - 160-01270, Gold Pearl Stud Earrings - 310-00568, Rose Gold Sapphire and Diamond Pendant - 230-01990, Yellow Gold Turquoise and Diamond Pendant - 230-01940