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Do you have a baby cup or perhaps a money clip for someone special? We can engrave a unique message on your gift to create the finshing touch. Need a gift to engrave a message upon? We have a full line of fine sterling silver dishes and gifts for you to order. Whether you bring it in or buy it here, come in today and let us help you personalize your gift.

ID Bracelets/Tags

We understand the need to be safe, and we want your emergency medical information to be up-to-date. Come in with your Medic Alert message, and we can engrave it for you, same-day or next-day. If you need a medic alert bracelet or tag, we have a wide selection for you to choose from, as well, and we can order in many designs next-day or within two days.

Ring Engraving

Whether it's a wedding band, a mother's ring, or something special for a graduate, engraving a special message puts the final touch on your ring. Some call it "inscribing" letters or a message on the inside of the band.  "Inscriptions" and engravings alike, come in today, and we'll show you what you can put in your ring.