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Repairs - Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing Atascadero, CA Central Coast

Looking for a ring sizing in San Luis Obispo or Paso? Need your ring to be bigger or make it smaller to fit your finger?  Here in the Central Coast's Atascadero, we have an expert repair shop with full-time, in-house jewelers that are highly-skilled in sizing and taking care of your rings.

Sizing a ring is an extremely complex process that begins with much preparation, requires delicate execution, and is followed up by extensive clean up and polishing.  When it comes to sizing a ring, it's important to select a jeweler with plenty of experience as well as extensive technical training.  Here at K.Jons Diamonds & Gems in Atascadero, we have full-time bench jewelers who have years of experience in sizing rings.  They are skilled in doing the entry-level sizings like stretching a gold band all the way to a complex sizing involving a European (square) shank with delicate, heat-sensitive gemstones set in its gallery.

Ring Sizing Mandrel Atascadero, San Luis Obispo county

All ring sizing processes are different--adapted to fit the needs of the specific design, metal, and gemstones--but generally, the sizing process follows this outline.  One factor remains constant: It is an extremely in-depth process.  Failing to execute one of the steps correctly can result in a poor sizing job, or worse: A disastrous damage to a family heirloom.

  • Preparation: In this phase, the jeweler will clean the ring to make sure no build-up on it may get "burned" onto the gold or gemstones.  After cleaning, the jeweler will cut the base of the shank (underneath the ring) and file the edges to ensure a flush seam once the solder is applied.  He then will measure with exacting precision the size of the gold piece to be inserted (or removed) from the ring. After ensuring a perfect fit, he applies flux to allow the solder to fuse to the gold. Finally, he dips the entire ring in an alcohol and borax solution to prevent fire scale (a black soot that builds up as a result of the heating process)
  • Soldering: Surprisingly, this is the shortest phase.  Our jewelers in Atascadero place the ring in a third-arm (a clip-like system) and, after lighting the alcohol solution burn off, heats the ring to approximately 1300 degrees.  This heat is achieved using a small and precise torch that uses a mixture of gas and oxygen. When the sizing spot (where the ring has been cut) reaches just-before-melting point, the jeweler applies the piece of gold metal solder, and ensures that the solder melts just hot enough, but not too hot.  This is important in order to avoid porosity (bubbling) in the solder that would create a weak spot.
  • Clean-Up: If the first two steps are done correctly, this step should take a moderate amount of time, but could take an inordinate amount of time if the first two were not. Our Central Coast jewelers will let the ring cool off to an acceptable temperature and place the ring into a solution called “pickle” to clean off the now-hardened flux.  After the flux is successfully removed, the ring is carefully ground and polished to remove excess solder and sizing bars, while making sure not to remove any of the ring shank.  Finally, the ring will go through our four-step professional cleaning process, finished off by an ultrasonic bath and a high-pressure, high-temperature steam cleaning.

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