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Testimonials & Reviews

Did you have a good experience with us?

Brooks Thorup


Was a very pleasant experience. Sopansa was not only helpful but attentive. Outstanding service, beautiful jewelry.

Catherine Rawlings


I brought in my father's wedding band to be sized to my finger. When the ring did not fit comfortably K-Jons happily corrected the problem. Everyone was so nice and treated me the same as they would treat a customer spending thousands of dollars. Thank you! Catherine Rawlings

Raymond Borden


Thank you 4 the gr8 servc.

Nancy Laughlin


Preston was the best! Brought in some jewelry we had inherited and he suggested that we take a vintage ring with no stone and use another diamond from another piece. Fred made it into an awesome, beautiful ring. Was not expecting such beauty. Kjons is the best, would highly recommend. Thank you Preston for the recommendation.

Beverly Kummet


All of my experiences have been very pleasant. The staff have always demonstrated a sincere desire to be friendly, helpful and interested (especially Preston, whom I have most often worked with). I appreciate the standard of excellence and professionalism that is an integral part of K-Jon's jewelry store.

Santina Giannini


Everything was great!! Very nice and professional customer service and the repair made to my necklace looks amazing!!

Jerry James


Thank you great service

Leslie Garner


Pam is awesome I look forward to more business with you

Peggy Walker


You all ate always very friendly and helpful. Thank you for you help.

Charlene Hudtloff


Great service. Dropped off my ring on Friday because it needed a new prong and it was as ready on Saturday.

Bev Lively


You were great and I love my ring that I got from my husband 45 years ago.



Oh what a fabulous start to St, Patty's Day. Truly the most beautiful choices of Jewelry in North County. Friendly staff are like family. Love my new diamonds. Thank you K.Jons and all your staff.

Mary Ritter


Very pleased with my ring and the fine workmanship! Thank you.

Isabel Yanez


Very nice to have stopped by at KJon’s. Was very pleased and glad to have gotten the back to my Diamond earrings.

Margie Kowall


Great service! Honest, helpful and friendly!

Jeannie Malik


Thank you for providing exceptional service, uniquely beautiful jewelry and for your dedication to our community! K.Jons ROCKS!! With gratitude, Jeannie Malik

Karen Miller


I am very happy with the service I received.

Jayk Thorne


Great customer service. I was thoroughly satisfied with the adjustments made to my ring and the gems are beautiful. I highly recommend KJons.

Jeff Orcutt


I certainly enjoyed our visit with you. It was professional well done and enjoyable. thank you

Carole Moran


Had a lovely time shopping in this beautiful store with people who were helpful and accommodating. Doesn’t get better than that.

Carol Sargent


Pam was very knowledgeable and helpful! I would recommend K.Jons most definitely..thank you!

Debi Jarecki


Thank you K.Jons for a wonderful experience at your jewelry store. The gemstones were beautifully displayed in each of the cases. It was a very friendly and professional atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit.

Gloria Heath


I'm a return customer always friendly service and great job with jewelry repair.

Alex Downs


Absolutely amazing 10 out of 10 on all counts especially attention to detail and quality care. Thank you K. Jon’s

Bruce Owens


K.JONS has always been a stand out in our community. Positive prompt service. Great selection of products. It's my go to place for jewelry and related items.

Margie Bolton


My experience with Pam today was professional, friendly, and relaxing. Love the stones, and look forward to the finished product. A++

Andrew M.


K-Jon's employees were very nice, respectful and gentle as we looked as rings. I never felt like they would push me into making a decision then and there and they were extremely knowledgeable. I left K-Jon's with confidence that my needs were taken care of.

Kristin K.


K-Jons staff is super friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in the door and their pieces were amazing!

Courtney M.


Many of my customers come to my insurance office looking for coverage for their engagement rings and fine jewelry. In order to properly insure them, we always recommend an appraisal. K-Jon's does a wonderful job of appraising their jewelry and is easy to work with as they send the documents over in a very timely manner. Preston Wallace is professional and courteous.

Conner S.


The proposal went super well, she didn't suspect a thing! I may have had to change plans about 50 times but that's ok she loved how it ended up. So the original idea was to propose on this hike that is absolutely beautiful but the hike is a big hike and thus it was a bit much for my tired crew and they preferred to do a half day of skiing instead. Well with that idea out the window the next idea was to take her on the gondola and propose overlooking the lake and mountains. Just about everyone slept in so that didn't work. Next idea, I'll do it on the mountain when we go snowboarding. She got tired and I lost my photographer so that plan died. When we left the mountain we still had light so I thought I could take her on the gondola or walk on the shore of the lake and catch the sunset. Our car broke down at the bottom of the mountain. Fortunately we broke down in front of the airport so our rental agency was close but we still missed the sunset. I was also hoping to get dinner after but everyone was hungry so we went to eat. At dinner I found out our camera was out of battery and so I instructed her sister to go back to our van, grab my camera and to let me know when everyone was hidden at the shoreline. I took Rebeka out for a date night walk, it was our 1 year anniversary so it made sense for us to have a date night. We wondered around talking and once I got the text I lead her to the shore. We have had a date night there before about 6 months prior and I knew there were a bunch of willow trees there which are her favorite tree so I knew it would be a good place. One tree even had a tree swing so I thought I would push her and then turn her around when I was on one knee. She found the swing uncomfortable so she got off. I had already started my prepared story that would lead into the proposal though so I tried to stall the story a bit. She then wanted to climb in the tree so we did. And so while we sat in the willow tree I told my story and asked her to marry me. She was so stunned she couldn't believe it was happening. The quote of the night was:

"Are you serious? Is this real?"

"Well I'd get on one knee but you're sitting on it."

Christian S.


I have been shopping there for years. Bought my first piece of jewelry there when I was about 16. I still shop there to date at 30. They have a very helpful staff and are very friendly. Every time you go in there you are instantly greeted with a friendly welcome to K Jon's or by your name. I have bought everything from necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, and diamonds there. Every time I have been there, I have been nothing but pleased with the quality of items I have purchased there." GORGEOUS JEWELRY" I think the best part about going there is that they are not just there to sell you a piece of jewelry but there to make sure you get the "RIGHT" piece of jewelry for your loved one. They take time to show you around and be awed by the impressive pieces they have. Give them a budget and they will show you everything under the sun you want to see. You can get a pretty elegant piece in that $100-$500 range. Also they have some pretty spectacular diamonds there!

Thank you K Jon's for your many years of service helping me find that right piece of jewelry for that special someone or a loved one and for teaching me more than I ever expected to know about jewelry, and gem stones. Special thanks to Preston for putting up with my pickiness.

P.S. You all still got time before Christmas and new years to get a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Julie P.


When my great grandmothers wedding ring was in need of major repair I went to K-Jon's for the first time. I was overly pleased with the customer service and repairs that were done! The price was more than reasonable especially for how great their work was on my over one hundred old ring. All my repairs will be done here in the future, with local people I trust!

Becky B.


Pam was amazing! When we couldn't find a necklace and earring set that worked, she helped us design the perfect set that fit into our price range. Knowledgeable and very accommodating. She even cleaned my engagement ring while we shopped!

Fronando C.


K-Jon's does do Free jewelry cleaning. My girls ring needed some cleaning so I brought it in. While I waited they had no problem showing me new rings just encase I wanted to take it to the next level. Great service and No pressure. I will be back.

Cece B.


Love this small town jewelery shop. The customer service is great, and the went out of their way to accomidate me even though they were busy, and it was a holiday weekend. Great store!!!

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Mark H

September 12, 2019

I had a couple of rings that needed to be fixed. When I walked in I was pleasantly greeted, the staff was very knowledgeable as to how to fix my rings, and I learned a bit about ring sizing. I would definitely recommend that business to have your jewelry fixed. Next time I’ll write a post when I buy something.

Suzanne Ernst

July 3, 2019

I recently purchased a titanium wedding band from K Jon’s and had a great experience. I was impressed by the variety of options of titanium bands. The staff provided excellent costumer service, in particular Angela, who helped me with sizing and customizing my ring. I was visiting from out of town, and my custom ring was shipped to me in a week. I love it!

Kelly Gleason

October 28, 2019

Very knowledgeable and provide great service. Gorgeous jewelry Thank you!

Medina LightShowDesigns

July 2, 2019

K Jon's is top notch. Angela was extremely helpful in the selection of a necklace I needed for a custom steel name badge I had created for my business. She has a great eye and the necklace looks sleek with the steel badge. Thanks Angela!

Cody Jackson

June 15, 2019

Never been into a jewelry store in my life, but woke up today and decided I needed a real watch. Woman that helped me was very friendly and personable, and helped me pick out a beautiful Seiko, as well as advised me on setup and care for it. Definitely see me coming back here in the future.

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Leo B.


Got a Seiko diver watch battery replacement here. A little slow on the customer service (1 person at counter), but the watch guy replaced the o ring and...READ MORE

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LuAnn Harbin Ketcherside

July 11, 2018

Thank you K-Jon’s for repairing a family heirloom that needed a few repairs and resizing so that I could wear it! They did a great job and the staff is always very helpful. I’ve been taking my jewelry to them for several years now and I’ve always been pleased with the work they do. We’ve made a few purchases also. And there is always something I see that I’d love to have!!! Guess I should started a wish list �!

Marianne Cates

July 5, 2018

He was courteous, knowledgeable, friendly.

Amy Wemple Stanley

July 3, 2018

I have always been happy with the customer service and jewelry repair. I wouldn’t take my jewelry anywhere else.

Sandra J. Stout

June 29, 2018

Preston assisted me in finding the perfect sapphire stone for a new nose piercing. The stud was mounted and ready for pick up in less than 24 hours. It looks amazing!!! Thank you KJons❤

Larry Fraser

June 21, 2018

What a nice atmosphere Preston the appraiser was excellent very comfortable and very fair Great service My kind of place

April Hins Milne

June 13, 2018

Preston was amazing!!

Ben Curry

June 12, 2018

I have been shopping at Kjons for years, the service is excellent, they know you by name and they sell only the best quality gems and jewelry. This is a place where you get what you pay for, it isn't cheap, but neither is the gems and jewelry they have for sale. I don't mind paying more for quality especially when I know the piece will appreciate in value over the years.

Vanessa Pope

May 18, 2018

Such great service! Everyone I interacted with was so nice and very helpful. Thank you!

Barbara Penn

April 12, 2018

Dina Rush

April 3, 2018

My family has been shopping at KJons for years. They have integrity, are honest and carry the most beautiful and creative designs. They have the most warm and friendly staff ever, and you will feel like family when you leave there. I would never shop anywhere else. KJons is the absolutely only choice for your jewelry needs.

Cindy Dougherty

March 15, 2018

Robin Church Haeuser

March 1, 2018

I received a bracelet as a gift but it was too big. A skinny cuff style thing, it kept turning around, slipping off, and getting caught on things. I couldn’t wear it without risking injury to me and loss of my gift. My best choice was bringing it to K. Jons. In a few days it was ready, it fits, and I’m so happy to be able to wear it! Thanks Preston, for your help.

James Broadfoot

March 1, 2018

Karen Estrada

February 23, 2018

Steffanie Blais

February 23, 2018

They fixed the clasp on my bracelet recently. Excellent customer service and good price!